Hyperlinks, please!

I’d like to register my voice here as one person who would be ready to start using gtdnext as my trusted system…if only you could offer hyperlinks in notes.

I use Evernote as my inbox and reference system. I don’t want/need the close Evernote integration of Zendone or IQtell (or the constraints they impose); however, I do want the option to occasionally link to Evernote where appropriate.

Currently in gtdnext I can easily paste a link from Evernote desktop into the notes field. This shows as a hyperlink with a short title (very nice, better than in Nirvana) but unfortunately the hyperlink information is stripped away as soon as the note is saved.

Let me keep my hyperlink and you’ve got me as a paying customer…

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I agree! This is one of the top features I’d like to add to the app as well. Hopefully we can get to it soon. Thanks!