How to see today's completed tasks

Is there a way to see today’s completed tasks at a glance? I went to mark an item complete this morning, and the web browser wasn’t finished refreshing when I thought it was. Once the web browser refreshed, the checkbox was applied to an unintended task. The manhunt for the inadvertently checked item took some time. Having visibility into today’s completed tasks would have helped me drill down much quicker.

Hi Bill;

It’s a good request. But today we don’t have a way to see just today’s completed tasks. It’s all or nothing.

I’ve taken this down as an idea. Which views were you hoping to see today’s completed tasks in?

I’d put it like this: Inadvertently checking something off is something we probably all do from time to time. The main thing then is that it should be reasonably easy to find these and be able to restore them. It does not matter much where or how. It could even be a special “retrieve view”, where they are sorted by completion date-time (latest first) - it does not have to be incorporated in the other views.

As for general logging and reporting of completed tasks, I personally do not have any needs at all. For me this is mainly a mechanism for undoing mistakes.

I’m pretty much in the same camp as Folke. I don’t need a special view. But I thought I have read other postings where users have a desire to review their Completed Tasks to assist them in compiling progress reports their employers might require.

One idea for a special view is to put a “Complete Tasks” view under the spot where “Area” “Tags” and “Archive” reside. I suggest showing all the non-archived completed tasks. Completed Tasks already exists under Projects & Actions, but are intermingled with non-completed tasks. Since you track the date/time of the Completed Tasks, an option to sort them in descending order by Date/Time would allow me to see what I inadvertently marked complete. It should also help those who want it for reporting purposes as well.

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Interesting idea. Thanks for suggesting!

Would be great to have