How to move tasks in Inbox to correct Projext easiest?

What’s the easiest way to move tasks from inbox to correct project?

After a brain dump, or after being out and about (and emailing lots of tasks to the inbox), I find it a bit tricky to move tasks from the inbox to the correct project (if any). At least on my macbook 13" (ie not on a large screen where a looong project list can be shown in the left sidebar). Also the project list in the left sidebar doesn’t scroll when dragging a task (at least not in this browser).

Narrowing the project list down with Areas helps a bit, but still too many projects to be really useful.

Anyone else having that problem? Or any tips for best practice?

(Being able to choose project in the Task Details panel would be useful, as would having the drag handle on the left side of the task row)


I´m also having problems with this…

I assume a dropdown box in the edit panel is part of the not-yet-finished product polish.

I hope so. Or even better, a combo of type-and-search/dropdown combo, as in todoist.

Yes, I agree, that’s the normal polished way of doing dropdown boxes nowadays. Much better. And to recognize characters in the middle (just like they do when you type tags).

But it is hard to know what they have intended and not intended. So it was good that you wrote this post.

It would be helpful to have the possibility to choose a Project in the Task detail. And if we write a Project name that do not exist, the Project should be created… but there have to be also a way to choose an Area of a new Project.

Hi - lots of suggestions in here for how the product could be changed to make this easier but I don’t see any answers to the original question, i.e. How do people do it right now, and is that the most efficient way?

Personally, I hadn’t realised I was avoiding this issue myself by not having added anything to the Inbox which would later be moved to belong within an existing project. In my use of GTDNext, my inbox items either become a new project en-masse, or live as stand-alone items. If I want to add something new to an existing project then I tend to do that in the Project listing and by-pass the Inbox altogether.

I can however see a time coming when I will need to do what @Jonaz is suggesting, so it would be good to understand the ‘correct’ process for doing so.

I don’t think there is any other way than dragging it all the way down in the outline view.

Me too. I have plenty of other inboxes for collecting thoughts and notes and mail etc, and I do not need yet another one in the list app.

Even such rough initial planning is something I prefer to do at least within the right “node” of the tree (area/goal, project etc). I usually think in such terms when I invent new tasks; I do not brainstorm randomly across the board. This also means that tasks do not need to be dragged very far from their initial entry point.

I think it needs to be changed, because I know that the inbox is a feature that many people use a lot. And even for those of us who do not use the inbox much, we may need to move tasks for other reasons. I think a drop-down is an almost mandatory basic necessity. Further, I think an elegant complementary solution that I would prefer to use would be if elements in the left menu would auto-expand when I hover over them (while dragging an item), so that I could drill down and put things exactly where I want (no matter how deep down) without having to enter the outline mode or scroll.

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Adding a “Move to Project” drop-down in the right panel would work for me, at least for now.

Actually, my use of the inbox has more to do with being on the go a lot of teh time and emailing tasks into the inbox (more than doing a brain dump at the computer). So a mobile friendly site/app would solve that :wink: