How do you sort tags alphabetically in the tags menu in the lower left side of the screen?

How do you sort tags alphabetically in the tags menu in the lower left side of the screen? It looks like you can edit them or delete them, but not sort them.

That is correct. Today we do not allow for sorting of tags. We have that down as a suggestion for the future.

Let me add a strong, strong, STRONG, STRONG +1 to this feature request. Did I mention my +1 is strong?This is really important for users (like me) that use tags for more than contexts. I use tags for contacts and clients as well, and preface each type of tag with its own character. Eg, I currently use /context/, , and contact (no leading character), which keeps them separated beautifully at the top of the Projects and Tasks view or tasks view, but without sorting in the tags page, it can make it hard to find a tag.

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@gregmay82 When I first saw your comment I agreed with it.

But upon reflection, I can’t see much need for it, given that the Tag names are sorted alpabetically on both the dropdown list and the inline filters (both near the top of the screen).

How many Tags do you have? And how often are you editing their names?

I’m still getting set up, so I don’t have too many tags at present. But they will accumulate quickly if I keep using them for contacts in WAITING FOR and AGENDA items.

I find myself changing them mostly because I am still in my setup phase. Sometimes, it is because a leading character sorts in a different order than I wish, and I have to change the lading character. Other times, it is because a client becomes a former client (and I need to change the leading character so it sorts to the bottom of the list, since I don;t need to see it). Having them sort by leading character in the tags list would help me find them quicker, but . . . like you, upon further reflection, I guess it is not that big of a deal as long as they sort that way at the top of the screen.

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