How do you access the mobile version of the web app?

Title says it all. The new web app looks great. How do I access the mobile version from my iPhone and iPad?

Glad you like it! You can navigate to from your mobile device or tablet browser. Just make sure you are not in “'private” mode. GTDNext won’t work in private mode.

I am back and am going to get another Pro license. Just promise you will have an iPhone and iPad app in the near future.


I beg to differ. I used to think that the lack of a smartphone app was a deal-breaker. However if resources are tight I would firmly vote for NOT to developing any smartphone phone apps.

Personally I am online at least 95% of the time and on balance I feel that being digital free for much of the remaining 5% is good for the soul.

Moreover, although GTDNext is one of the best GTD applications, in my opinion nobody anywhere has written a really good GTD app yet no matter how much money you want to pay.

So my firm vote would be to focus on getting GTDNext’s web application REALLY good before diverting precious resources to smartphone apps. And although GTDNext is good, just like all its competitors, it ain’t there yet.

And I disagree. Dedicated mobile apps are important. But I agree with your view of wanting the web app to be great. I think it already is so!

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Please for the love of god or whatever/whoever you pray too - make us a mobile app.

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