How do other's make quick-entry into GTDNext from outside the browser?

I’m looking for a VERY quick way to input tasks to GTDNext from anywhere while working on my Mac. Just like other popular native GTD-app’s that has a quick-entry box. Is there a way to do this, without switching to the browser?

Also, on mobile, I would like an app, where I simply press an app icon, put in text, press enter - and it’s sent of to GTDNext.

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

On mobile I find using “DO Note” app to be extremely quick. One press opens the app. You type or speak your action and press send. Done.

On desktop I usually have browser open. But when I don’t I have had good experience just email tasks into GTDNext

I’m interested to hear what others have discovered. Anyone?

I second the donote recommendation! No brainer to grab my phone, hit the shortcut and send the task to the inbox.

Yeah it rocks. Very quick app. Just what I was looking for!

Would love a similar app for OS X.

There are a few ideas how to do that on desktops. Look here into the comments section:

I haven’t tried any of these yet.