How do I change items from Info/reference back to normal actions or projects

Somehow several of my projects got designated as info/reference and I don’t know how to undo that. Now that they are info/reference they do not appear nor act like other projects or actions

In the right panel there is a drop down at the bottom of the screen labeled “mode”. You can switch the items that are info back to “Auto” and they should behave as you expect them to. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks!

First the bottom of panel is not visible on any of the twenty items now listed as info/reference. second when I looked at them on my macbook, I could see the mode as info, but there was not a drop down or option to change them

Apologies. We have an issue we are working on fixing that is affecting laptop size screens. The issue prevents you from seeing the bottom part of the right panel. It should appear as in the picture below. We are working on fixing this issue, but until that time, you will need to view GTDNext on another screen size. This will allow you to see the screen as shown below and change from “info” to “auto” for those items. You should only have to change the top level folder, and all the other items will change as well. Sorry for the inconvenience. (CC @sergio )

EDIT: As a workaround you can also try changing the zoom level of your browser temporarily. This may allow you to see the bottom portion of the right panel.

We have addressed this issue. You should now be able to see the bottom blue part of screen in all screen sizes. Please refresh your screen and confirm. Thanks!