How can I see just the Active stuff as a hierarchy?


How can I see my Projects & Actions as a hierarchy, with JUST my stuff to which I have given an ‘Active’ status?

e.g. How can a see all my Active tasks & projects in hierarchy type view, but without Someday stuff cluttering it up?

If one clicks on Projects & Actions (top left), you get to see ALL your lists at once (i.e. Inbox, Scheduled, Waiting, Someday and Active) However I am getting tired of looking at things in this view that are NOT ‘Active’!

But if I click on “Next Actions” in the left hand menu, then we no longer see the hierarchy, and this makes it harder to see the big picture…

In order to get stuff out of the way, I keep moving it down to the bottom of the screen but that takes time. It would be slighly tempting to use Tag but of course there is no way if selecting “NOT [this Tag]” in any case.
Another option that I have started to use, is to have a folder that I keep at the top of the page called “Someday Stuff” and another for “Waiting Stuff”. That works quite well as a dumping ground for entire projects that I don’t want to see just now, but of course it doesn’t work for where one has PARTS of a project that are Someday or Waiting…

What are the rest of you doing? Are you moving all your Someday stuff to the bottom of the screen?