How can I change the email address on GTDNext account


As I understand it, in order to get emails into the GTDNext system you need to send an email to, but you need to do so with a from email address that matches the email address that you signed up with, yes?

  1. My main email address is not the the one I signed up with
    ==> how do I change the email address on my GTDNext account?

  2. My real problem is that I have about 4 or 5 email accounts that I use for different purposes.
    I see that this issue has already been raised. Any idea how soon this functionality may be added?
    P.S. My tuppence worth is that I would be happy as an interim measure for us to be each given an unique email address at a sat β€œ” that we could email to from any of our email accounts.

Many thanks


Currently you can’t change your email.

This is the solution that we will be implementing. We will be creating a unique email that each user can send to (from any email account) that will create items in the inbox.


OK - that will do me. Any rough ETA?

Any possibility there will also be options to specify certain parameters when sending an action through email such as an Area, Due Date, Tags, etc.?

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We will add that at some point, but not sure if it will coincide with email accounts. We agree, that will be very useful!

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