How best to implement Review Frequency? (for Someday tasks)


I would like to find a way to divide my Someday(/Maybe) list into the following lists:

  • Someday/Maybe Reviewed Weekly
  • Someday/Maybe Reviewed Monthly
  • Someday/Maybe Reviewed Quarterly
  • Someday/Maybe Reviewed Annually

Can anyone suggest a good way to this?

The problem is that at present there is only one actual “Someday” list in GTDNext.
Possible solutions that come to my mind are:

A) Use the sort order, using drag & drop
Obviously one option would be to drag the items needing to be reviewed sooner further up the list, but that becomes slower as the Someday list grows.

B) Use the Importance flags
But I can find no way to filter the Someday list by flag

C) Create special Areas called something like:

  • Someday-Weekly
  • Someday-Monthly
  • Someday-Quarterly
  • Someday-Annual
    Or possibly they could be shortened and or encoded so as to take up less horizontal screen space.
  • zz-Weekly
  • zz-Monthly
  • zz-Quarterly etc

…But then you lose the actual Area of Life data for each task - so not idea.

D) Set up special Tags
Yes, one could set up special tags for review frequency.

One problem is that I will need to change my convention of starting my contexts with “~” because I would want any such tags to come at the END of my list of tags that appears on dashboard and I cant find a sensible character to use that comes after ASCII 126 (i.e. “~” ).

One minor problem is that I’ve already got rather a lot of Tags in use and any more Tags will force “Areas” and Tags onto separate lines, but I guess I could live with that.

So I guess “D)” is the best option, no ?


I would go for option D (to use the Priority indicator), and assume that the relevant grouping and sorting options will be implemented sooner rather than later in all lists. All the other avenues seem messy.

Folke - my apologies I had two option "D"s (I have now edited my post to correct this!).
So to get clear, do you mean add special GTDNext Tags?

i.e. For example, when moving a task out of my Active/ASAP list to say my Someday-Monthly list, one would firstly change the List field to become Someday, and then also add a Tag called say “Someday-Monthly” (or in practise possibly something shorter like “~zz_Monthly”).

And then, in order to move between Someday-Monthly and Someday-Quarterly lists, one would then add the tag “Someday-Quarterly” and delete the tag “Someday-Monthly”.

Something like that?

It’s a bit clunk needing to change two things in order to move a task into one list, but with large numbers of task at least one wouldn’t get bogged down with doing any scrolling to find the right place in any directory etc.

No, I was referring to what is now your option B, your “Importance flags”, which I interpreted as meaning the Priority indicator (the colored line on the left).

Oh I see. Not a bad idea however I can’t find any way to sort or filter using them.
Any ideas?

Or does one have to just manually drag and drop up and down the list keeping like with like??


I assume that the relevant grouping and sorting options will be implemented sooner rather than later in all lists.

(All the other avenues seem messy.)

I am confused. Implemented by the developers of GTDNext?


Well, they have said for quite a while that it is on the roadmap … but you’d better ask them, of course; I wouldn’t know for sure.

Now I’m with you. Presumably you mean here:

Given that we are told that GTDNext are now very much ‘bootstrapping’ GTDNext, I think us users need to be wary of requesting anything that involves to much development time.

Personally, having intitially originally regarded their lack of mobile phone app as a ‘deal-breaking’, I have now changed my mind completely. Having spent many months trialling other systems (notably doing endless battles trying to reconfigure MLO to work better), I now think that GTDNext has the best GTD architecture of any GTD tools. However, I really think that they should abandon mobile development, for now at least, simply because it has already taken so long (how many months?). For this reason I have recommended that they focus purely on making the web app really good instead.

Compared to other tools, I really like the relative simplicity of GTDNext, and their properly thought-through architecture - so much better than any other task manager tool that I’ve seen.

I think if GTDNext got the functionality of the web application to the next level (by which I mean much less use of the mouse + really good hotkeys and a few more tweaks here & there) then they would be in excellent shape. Then, having got really strong functionality in place in their web app, all they would need to do is revamp/sex-up the user-interface (making it reasonably ‘mobile friendly’ at the same time), and then, even if it can’t be made to work off-line, I think they might start to build momentum and get some decent traction with new users and thereby generate some decent revenue… And then they would be off & would start to really fly!

Of the simple feature requests, the one that would make the most difference to me would be this one: