Has this platform been abandoned?

I’m considering switching from Nirvana HQ to GTDNext, despite having signed up as a lifetime premium member on the former. Nirvana hasn’t added any real features in years, and is missing some very simple, fundamental features.

GTDNext costs more than Nirvana - but more importantly, looking at this forum, it appears it’s in a death spiral. It seems to be a long time since any significant improvements, one of two founders left recently, and clicking on the Blog link results in a 404 error. Link errors happen - but it suggests that maintaining the site is not a priority. Another bad sign.

The last thing I need is to go to the effort of setting up my GTD/Project life in a new platform and running into the same issues as Nirvana - or worse.

Any input from users? Is it worth switching? Has anyone found a better alternative?


Dear Michael,

First I want to thank you for your interest in our product. I understand and feel the same about all imperfections of GTDNext.

But let me assure you that GTDNext is being supported. Our platform allows you to create and collect tasks, projects and ideas, process and organize them, complete tasks – doing all the main and basic principles of the GTD system.

Yes, we don’t have any new features. And yes, one of our founders left. Did it affect the operation and support of the site? No, it didn’t. This platform is working normally.

If you have any problems or questions about the working process of GTDNext, please, don’t hesitate to tell me. I always try to help.

Best regards,

I will offer that I am a premium user, and that the few times that this service broke, it was addressed immediately. This reliability is really crucial to me. I use GTDNext to organize my work, and if I lost the information I have in my account I would definitely blow some deadlines. On the other hand, the app is a great work aid, and I would happily pay double for it. I, too, would like to see continued development, but to the best of my understanding this isn’t Sergio’s real job, and basically we depend on his good will for continued access to this valuable tool.

That is true. But to address your concerns, I personally am an active user of the service and do have a lot of very important data on the system. And will keep it up even for myself only. Unfortunately the system does not bring in enough money, so I can only do a support job on it (but I still hope it will change in the future). Currently, especially as we lost a number of subscriptions due to payment system change when James left, it only more or less covers the expenses on hosting, etc.

@sergio Just to be clear, what I really meant is that us users shouldn’t be too demanding
Thank you for your work!

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