GTDNext app is down

Hi GTDNext…

I tried the free app for a couple of weeks and liked it so this last week I purchased the premium upgrade.

Now the App is not functioning (502 bad gateway). I tried to access through a proxy, and also tried a site that checks it other sites are down just to make sure it wasn’t me. Any ETA when it will be back up?

I hope this is not a frequent occurrence : (


Someone marked it as resolved… it is not. Tried with various proxies, web browsers, etc.

We are back up. We are investigating the cause.

Uptime has never been an issue for us in the past. We use Digital Ocean for our app hosting and they are relied upon by some of the largest SAAS products and services. In fact the below graph from uptimerobot usually hovers around 99.8% uptime across all three time periods. Today’s outage put us below for the first time in quite a while.

Our next step is to determine if this was an issue on the digital ocean side or with our service, and then put into place steps to prevent it from happening again. Very sorry for all that were affected by the outage. We do our best to minimize downtime and clearly missed the mark today.


Still seems to be down as far as I can see. I tested it from and it appears to be up for them, but I am still getting 502 errors.

Some sort of proxy problem?


Hi, all - It took a little while after my post for everything to stabilize. I show everything running now. Please let me know if you continue to see problems.