Google Chrome of Firefox?

Is there a particular browser that works best for GTDNext? I have both Google Chrome and Firefox and was just wondering.

We support Chrome, Firefox, IE/Edge and Safari. Chrome seems to behave the best of the bunch and requires the fewest custom fixes.

Sounds good. Chrome it is! So…any exciting things coming up with the web app?

Yes! I will be opening a separate thread soon to talk about it.

Sounds great! Can’t wait to hear, James. All best wishes!!

What’s the word, James? :wink:

Have you looked at the app yet today? :slight_smile:

Aha! i needed to refresh the app. We now have a “Today” list. So…how is this different than the Focus list? Do they not do the same thing?

I am excited, though, about this new addition! :grinning:

I will start a new thread on this - but the short answer is that the Today list will offer functionality that the focus list does not.