Focusing shortcut not working on Mac?

I’m having problem using the shortcut to focus in on a project:

Press CTRL + Mouse click on an item to zoom focus to that item

Ctrl on mac just brings up the contextual menu when clicking. Love the function to drill-down/focus on a project. Perfect for scatterbrains like me that might get lost in the full outline :wink:

Huh, that’s so strange. You would think CTRL + click would be the same across platforms. I’ll look into this.

Anyone out there know what the mac equivalent of Windows CTRL+Click is?

Any news on this?

I’ve resorted to putting a Info-node on projects as a “holder”, and mark it as Focus - so that I can zoom in to project from the Focus list. Which sort of dilutes the focus of the Focus function…

I can always zoom in from the project name under tasks in Next Actions list och Focus list, but it is in the long Actions and Projects list that zooming is most useful.

I can’t be the only mac user, right?

Happy to discover that ctrl-clicking a task now does work on mac (changed in last update?). It does bring up the contextual menue on mac (which is a bit annoying), but it does focus on the project/task as well. Great!

(Re: canceling a project/task: Ctrl-clicking on the task’s checkbox throws up the contextual menue in front of the checkbox, so you can’t really see what’s happening - but ctrl-clicking TWICE does cancel/red-strike the item)

Hi @jonaz,

We’ve added the Alt+Left / Alt+Right (⌘Command+Left / ⌘Command+Right for macs) key bindings for Zooming in-out of the projects.
We’ve also duplicated Ctrl+Click key binding with ⌘Command+Click for macs.
Please check if the features work for you as they are experimental for now.


Command+Right/Left for zooming in/out of projects works fine. As do Command-clicking on an item to zoom in.

And Command-clicking an item’s checkbox cancels the item beautifully.

Thanks! I’m going to be SO focused now :wink:

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FYI - We also have a KB article with all our shortcut keys.