Focused Projects

When I select the option to focus a project, it sends the project directly to the Focus tab, which is obviously not very effective

It would be nicer instead, that it would automatically send the topmost next action under it to the Focus tab.

In the case of subprojects, it would be dependent if the Sequential option is activated or not

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Good idea. I also find it quite cumbersome to think auf all the next actions I have to mark as focused, just to follow one project in focus list.

And even if we do that, what will happen is that ALL the Next Actions under the project gets dumped into the Focus tab (rather than sequentially), making it hard when we’re tracking multiple large projects

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(I don’t have more to say, but the post has to have at least 20 characters. :smiley: )

It’s an interesting idea!

If we were to investigate doing this what would be the preferred behavior of the clicking focus on a project?

  1. Top most item is focused and each time the top focus item is completed the next item in the list is marked as focus?
  2. All current and future items in the project are marked as focus.

I have a preference in mind, but interested in what everyone else thinks.

Important is, what is shown in focus list. And there should be only the next action item of the focused project and after completion there should be the next one.

If that is done by option 1. or by option 2. and hiding the following items, doesn’t really matter for me.

My opinion, although I like what is being sought here, is neither option 1 nor 2. I do not think it would be wise to interfere with the sequencing functionality already provided through the green-gray switch (“forced next”, sequential etc) - this is already too complicated, and it would be disastruous to have yet another feature that also looks at what is topmost etc. So skip 1. And to have everything in the project marked as Focus would often be way too many things. So skip 2.

I totally agree it would be useful to automatically have the next item(s) from selected projects appear on the Focus list. The things we all would actually like to see is the green actions - every one of those green ones but none of all the gray subsequent actions. In other words if you mark additional actions as green, i.e. as “concurrent with first action” (“forced next”), and if the project is focused, then these actions should all go on the Focus list automatically. If you toggle the project’s Focus icon off and on this would show or hide the project’s green actions on the Focus list but would not affect the gray actions. The green-gray setting of the individual action would remain intact regardless of any toggling of the project’s focus icon.

These are two entirely different things - which actions are “simultaneously concurrent” (controlled by the action’s green/gray icon) and whether the project is currently in focus or not (controlled by the project’s focus icon).

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I fully agree with Folke!

Great feedback everyone. Keep it coming!