Focus tag remains when the action is done

I use the focus “tag” to mark the things on the next list that I should do during the day.
But when I check then of as done the focus tag still remains.

Is it a bug or a feature?

I would like the the focus tag to be removed when the actions is checked as done.


This is a feature and is working as intended. We don’t clear the focus tag after completing an item.

We will take a look at that suggestion. Can you tell me a little more about why you would want it cleared? thx!

When I check of the action the action disappears from the focus list. But the action is still marked as focus.
I don’t understand what the point is of having checked of actions that are still marked with focus but can’t be seen in the focus list?

I would like to use it in this way:

  • I have a bunch of next actions from all my projects. In the morning

  • I go through all the next actions and choose (with the help of the
    focus attribute) which actions I would like to complete in the day.

  • I can see them nicely in the focus list (I’d only like to be able to
    sort them also ;))

I agree with this suggestion. I use the focus flag to highlight a few items that are top priorities for me to focus on. Once the task is done, it no longer needs to be in focus. Therefore, it makes sense that the Focus flag is removed once a task is completed.