Filter "No Tag"

Is there a way to filter actions to see those things that have no tag? I find when I enter actions it is faster to just enter them all first and then go back and tag them after the fact. Right now though, looking at the whole P&A list it is easy to miss something that I might not have tagged. Having a way to see what I haven’t tagged would be a nice safety net so to speak.

Would that really help? And if so, is that all you would need?

I could be entirely wrong, of course, but I am guessing are using the tags to emulate “paper GTD” where each task can go, and must go, in one single context. In that case, I agree that being able to filter for tasks that have no tag would be a great help.

But if you are instead trying to economize with your tagging, and apply tags to only those tasks that are in some way unusual, such as “can only be done when it is raining”, and/or if you can apply several tags to a single task, such as "Computer (because you need a computer to do it) and John (because you also need John) and Office (because you also need access to the archive there) then it will not really be of much help to be able to filter for “no tag at all”.

A feature that could help even in these circumstances and would be immensely useful for other things as well would be “exclusion filtering” (NOT filtering) to eliminate tasks that have any of a number of tags that you do not want to see right now for example NOT Alex (sick today), NOT errand (cold outside) etc.

Yes, it would be helpful. All my next actions have to have a tag or they simply won’t get done. I will never see them because I don’t look at the Next Action list without filtering by some tag or other. I work in the field and only have limited time in an actual office. Half my tags are locations by city. I need to know, when i am in Columbia, what all I can do while I am there. Literally, my tags/contexts are spread out across an entire state.

Basically, for me, a “no tag” filter would help me quickly identify items I have forgotten to tag since sometimes I do this when I am quickly mapping out actions for a project.

I see, and it would also be extremely useful for any other people (even if they do not travel) who want to use the tags in a core GTD (“paper”) style and put each and every task only in one single context. I definitely second your suggestion.

As you know, though, the app allows multiple tags for each task. For people who use that approach a simple “no tag” filter does not have as much value, as they would still not know know whether there are tasks with two tags that should have had a third or a fourth tag etc. For that type of user it would be more useful to be able to, say, eliminate Errands from the list and then see if there are any tasks left on the list that are in fact errands but which apparently did not have the Errand tag. I think both features would be good.

Hi Guys,

I really like this feature. Will it be implemented?

Almost all my time i work on a PC. So by default my context is the office desk. So I just don’t add any tags if the task can be completed from my workplace. However i do have things that i need to do in other place (like Home, Errand, Shop).

So it will be really helpful if i could filter out all tasks with tags from my Next Task and Focus lists.

I also had that question once. James said, it would be on their list. But I haven’t heard anything of that for the last 1.5 years. :cry:

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