Filter no longer working

For some reason when I select areas on the area filter it doesn’t filter out items in the action list. All it seems to do is filter out the project list on the left hand side.

Any ideas?

Yes, we are looking into the issue. We thought we had it fixed yesterday, so please make sure you hit CTRL+F5 to force the newest code and let us know if you are still seeing the problem.

cc: @sergio

Hi James

Perhaps you can consider reverting back to the previous version until the issue is resolved for the new version?

Iswara Chaitanya

Yes, between the filter not working and the “today” not working, it’s really making it difficult to use. Hope you can get it figured out quickly!

We have fixed the inline filters such as complete/incomplete, due and focused items. Working on fixing tag filters today. Please hit CTRL+F5 and try your filters again. Please let us know if you still see issues with the inline filters.

cc: @sergio

Tag filters are now working. We apologize for the issues. Please hit CTRL+F5 and let us know if you see any other issues.