Filter next actions in focus list


is it possible to make a filter to hide focussed items in focus list that are no next actions yet?

Often I mark the following action of a sequential project as well, because I want to have it in focus right away when the first task is done. But then I have a lot of tasks in the focus list, I cannot do right now. That’s why I would like to hide them, but you can only filter for active items.


Wouldn’t the best solution be if the next sequential action in line simply popped into the same place in the Focus list - automatically, without refreshing the list - when the previous action is completed? In other words assume continued focus on that project by default. It is simple enough to just un-Focus a task with a single click if you don’t want to continue - much easier than having to manually pre-select additional sequential tasks to Focus, or fiddle with a filter to hide or show some of them.

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Thank you Folke. Good idea!