Exporting data - automatic?

The export data thing is nice. A couple of things could make it a lot better.

  1. Provide (for premium users?) the option to automatically email/send to dropbox the exported data file on daily basis.
  2. Use some sort of nesting in the data. Currently all tasks and projects just have “-” before them. Perhaps two “-” for a task in a project? A simple hierarchy would be good.

I drifted away from gtdnext for a month or two this summer, but things are crazy for me this fall and a simple list just wasn’t cutting it! Hence the need for a better system. But task management apps come and go and the nagging worry is - “what if gtdnext goes dark without warning?”. An automatic hierarchical backup would remove that worry.

Thanks for the ideas Rich! And don’t worry, we aren’t going dark - Lots more cool things coming up!