Error: server unreachable message


Is anyone else experiencing the message 'Error: server unreachable … Reconnect attempt in : x sec" when using GTDNext?

I see it quite often and, although I click on’Try now’ and it never appears to reconnect, it doesn’t seem to have any impact on the application’s behaviour. It’s just a tad distracting and I wondered if it was just me or a known issue?

Nope, I have not seen that.

a few times, not very often

@thealbs - This usually is caused by a short interruption in your internet service. GTDNext is trying to fetch or write something to the server, but isn’t able to reach it. You don’t have to wait for the countdown, you can just hit refresh on your browser.

The fact that you are seeing it quite a bit and according to our downtime monitoring system we have had very little, tells me that you may be having some periodic connection problems on your side. (sorry!) Are you using it on the edge of your wifi range or anything like that?

You are correct, that it doesn’t normally cause any problems with the app. GTDNext is smart enough in most situations to try again later and not loose any changes. Let us know if you continue to have problems - especially if you are sure your connection is not an issue.

Thanks James. I’m seeing the issue at home and in the office (I work for a fairly large consulting firm with decent networks!) so am not convinced it is network related. I’ll do some testing on my MAC rather than my work PC and see if that may help isolate the issue. As long as no-one else is affected and the application seems to tolerate the blips, it is little more than a minor irritation at present, so I’m not too concerned.

Saw it at work the other day. No network problem on our end. Lasted about an hour, then stopped. Will post if I see it again.

It happens to me all the time (or rather after I’ve been idle on the site for a while (15-30 mins?). Reconnect doesn’t work, reloading the page gets me to the login page.

Happens on several different computers/browsers/networks. Connection reliable so hesitant to blame it on the connection.

If you click the “remember me” button when you login, you should not have to re-enter your credentials and will be taken back to the app.

We will update the app, so that keeping this clicked is not required to get you back to the app without re-entering credentials.

So far, our logs show this is normally happening to people only when we are updating the server with a new build. We currently don’t warn people when we are doing that. We may consider doing that in the future, but it’s usually such a short amount of down time that so far we haven’t felt the need. We will continue to monitor logs to see if this issue comes up for any other reasons.

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