Enhanced Email Support

Is there any thought to enhancing the email support so that an email can contain Project/Tag/Date information? I recall that Evernote does something like this along the lines of “Task Name” @ProjectName #tag1 #tag2 due-date=2015-12-25 which would be REALLY handy


Yes, this is something that we would definitely like to do someday. Just hasn’t risen to the top of the (very big) list yet. Thanks for the ideas, keep em coming.

Also you can vote on ideas here.

[Disclaimer] We don’t implement all of those ideas, and of course we add our own ideas not on the list. We also don’t just blindly go by what people vote for when determining what to add. But we do, very much like to see what people think and the voting is one factor in our approach to determining what to add to GTDNext.