Email to inbox broken today and how often?

Hi y’all, I’m new here but in a few days fell in love with GTDNext, even payed real cash money to use it more! Today (past 5 hours) it seems like the email to inbox doesn’t work (it did before) which is bumming me out but also I’m concerned - how often does this happen? Mail to inbox is a real must have for me to work with this… Seriously disappointing situation, hope it’s limited to me!

I seem to have the same problem, however it’s possible for me that the issue i our email servers.

On a positive note it means I’m processing the items already in my inbox rather than adding to them so every cloud.


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This issue has been resolved.

This does not happen very often and when it does we usually can resolve it in a few hours. Additionally, when it is resolved the emails previously sent will appear in your inbox again. (in 99% of the situations)

There are two primary reasons it happens. 1) Our log files get filled. We watch for this on a weekly basis and clear them whenever needed. and 2) Overly large emails sent with attachments can clog the email process and delay emails. Please do not forward emails with attachments as this is the primary problem for delaying email.

Someday we will add the ability to send attachments with your email, but today it causes issues.

Thanks so much for supporting GTDNext! Glad to have you onboard!


All good here and emails I sent have certainly approved.



Thanks James! I love the product and really start to dig the workflow. I gotta say logs filling up and attachments are really surprising as challenges but I understand you can only do so much at a time. Appreciate the response!