Email task from Gmail as "send-as" address doesn't work?

Trying to send tasks with email to my inbox at but they don’t show up in the inbox. I am using my registered email address, but ”sending-as” from Gmail. Is that what’s making it not work?

I know you are working on multiple email address and/or “secret email/key address” (that would be preferable, so that I can let orthers email my inbox as well), but I thought it would work sending-as from Gmail?


Hi @jonaz - Thanks for the report! We have confirmed a little earlier today that email is down.

Sorry for the problem. We will get it sorted out asap and report back here (and twitter) when it’s fixed.

@jonaz - Email is back up, thanks again for the report.

For those of you who didn’t realize - If you send a email to from the account your login with, the email will appear in your inbox and at the top of your projects and actions list.

newbie here! Just logged in 1st time last night…still getting my bearings? Excited to learn!
I have sent 6 emails to from my exchange server email and they have not showed up? Any ideas?

Hi @itsdreed - I just checked our logs and I see that the first email you send was to “” not “” that one of course did not go through.

The logs indicate the emails you sent afterwards were a success. Can you check your inbox in GTDnext and confirm?

thank you!