Email not working

WHEN I EMAIL FROM MY REGISTERED EMAIL TO, I do not see the emails converted tasks in Inbox…

Account : (deleted)

Seems to be working for me. Perhaps just a temporary problem?

The email address has to be in all lower case.

I have deleted your email address from your original post to protect you from spambots.

I see the same behavior. I’m wondering if the sender’s email address has to match account email address 100%. My issue may be that I typically send from (made up email example) the “.” separated email address, but my account is listed on the v1.0.5.20 as (no .)

This may be a gmail only issue since their setup maps the following handles to the same account: first.last, firstlast, f.i.r.s.t.last, first.l.a.s.t, etc.

Asana also has the same kind of “elegant” in-mail philosophy, detecting who sent the email, but many other apps use a simpler and more flexible method. For example Evernote and Nirvana give you a “secret” email address to use, e.g., which you can easily store in your Contacts even if it is long, and which allows you to send things from absolutely anywhere. If that address ever should get known to spammers, all you need to do is generate a new such “secret” personal address in the app’s settings.

Yes, you have to use the same address as listed in your account. The google alias emails will likely fail our account verification test.

We are evaluating going to that system instead to allow for multiple emails addresses to be used.