Email not coming into GTDNext

I forwarded two emails to GTDNext and neither are showing up. It was working fine this morning. Is there an issue?

Hello! Someone sent in a very large attachment, which bogs down the server. I’ve cleared it so email should start flowing again soon. Thanks for the heads up!

Great – thanks! I hope it was not me. Crap.

I don’t know; we can’t see the emails. But generally please try not to forward emails with attachments over 1meg. As they tend to slow down or stop email processing. Eventually, we will filter those out to prevent that problem, but it’s a bit complicated, so we have put it off in favor of other more interesting features. Thanks!

I don’t think it was me – I checked. I just sent a test email - no attachments – and it is not showing up.

Thanks for checking! It should be back up soon. I’ll respond to this thread when it’s done.

Rought-ro…no news and still no email yet.

Okay – it seems to be back up!

Yes, apologies for not getting the notice up sooner. I was in a meeting. Thanks for your patience!

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