Email body not arriving in action notes

When creating an action via email the email body is not getting upated in the action notes. This used to work.

Best regards,


Hi Pascal

We’ve tested and are not able to duplicate this problem. Email seems to be working great. Can you please retry? Attachments will not go through, and that includes graphics that may look like an email. If still having issues can you open a support ticket and we can investigate your specific situation.


Hi James,

tested it again this morning and now all works fine. I have no clue why I had the issue yesterday. Did three test, two from my Android phone, using Cloudmagic, and one from the Gmail web application.

Anyway thanks.


Okay, let us know if you have any other issues. I’m not sure how cloud magic works, but if the email doesn’t come from the account you use to log in then it will not work…