Email actions "workflow"


As a lot of my work is triggered by email I use the forward to inbox a lot. GTDNext handles these as as expected but my behaviour is possibly causing a problem in that I go from a long list of emails to a long list of actions in my inbox.

Are there any plans to allow an email driven action to be sent directly to a project by tagging the subject line or similar?

if i could do this and assign a specific tag in the process I could clear my inbox and filter actions to that tag to see any projects that have had new tasks added in that review process.

As my projects can be fluid seeing these inbox actions in the context of the project would be useful but appreciate this might be complex to implement and quite a niche requirement.


I realize we all work and think differently. Many people agree with you, and there is nothing wrong with that approach. But here is a very recent thread from the DA forum:


I think for me you are right, i need to treat the processing of my inbox differently, take more time over clearing it to create the associated tasks in GTDNext with clear definitions.

I probably currently scan the email and send to GTDNext thinking “I’ll sort that later” which is effectively my procrastination habit kicking in which is leading to an Inbox of ill defined actions.

Email is out of control in our environment, i can get over 180 a day which i need to at least think about to see if any actions are arising from it.

That thinking currently absorbs a significant part of my working day especially as the thinking quite often defines there is no action on this email as it’s pointless waffle but that is a seperate problem.