Easier entry in areas with no items

The outline view of GTDNext, that is so great, is all about simply pressing Enter and typing away.

But if I filter into an Area that are currently not containing any items, I cannot add a task directly, but have to shift to another view first and add at least one item, open the right pane and select the area from the dropdown. This is slow.

Ideally I could simply select an area, press Enter and start rolling.

Interesting idea, we will take a look at it. Thanks and keep on coming up with ideas!

Edit: I should add that it’s also helpful to add or vote on ideas here so we see general interest in each one. You can do that here: http://gtdnext.uservoice.com/forums/246700-general

Great. I should add, that this is true of the inbox view also. Even though this is minor, it’s nice to click on an inbox, empty ones head, and then process items into projects. This cannot be done now. Another way to do that, would perhaps be an option to filter the main view for only inbox items.

True, but in the inbox view you can click the “add new item” box on top bar (or press TAB+N) and start typing in item after item. This is how we recommend you empty your head.

If you want to see only your inbox items in the main Projects and Actions view, just select “No Area” as your only area and you will see only inbox items. (assuming you have assigned areas to all your other items)