Due dates for repeating actions

Very new to GTDNext, coming over from ThinkingRock. I’m still learning the ropes, so please forgive the basic questions.

If I schedule an action to repeat, but I also put a due date on the action, will the due date transfer to subsequent actions? I can’t really tell.

Example - I have a credit card to pay by the 10th of every month. I enter “Pay CC” action and select a due date of 12/10/14. I then schedule it to repeat on the 10th day of every month. The box tells me that the next action is scheduled for 1/10/14, but will it also have a due date of 1/10/14? I don’t want it to just regenerate as a next action on that date but also need it to be due on that date so that I don’t miss the payment.

Hi Matt - Thanks for checking us out. The due date will not transfer to subsequent actions. That is on our list of things to do, but has not been implemented yet. I know lots of people will find that handy when we get that done. thanks!

It seems this is still the case, that it is not possible to set repeating due dates - only repeating start dates?

That is correct. We have looked at changing this, but would require a lot of code rewrite, so for now other items are prioritized higher.

Ok, repeating due dates are very important in my workflow (e.g. update agenda for Friday meeting every Thursday). Do you have any suggested workarounds to accomplish this?

This feature has been on the radar for four years. It’s quite an essential one for any GTD app. When will it be implemented? What other features are being prioritized higher?