Drag-handle on left side for easier eye tracking?

I would prefer to have the drag-handle (anchor symbol) at the left side instead of on the right as it is now. Would make it easier for the eye to find the right handle, and would also make finding the right insertion/move-to point in the outline easier.

Any thoughts on that?


We have been thinking (no promises) about using the task icon or the folder icon on the left side to actually do the dragging. All you would need to do is click and hold on one of those two icons.

Would that be of interest to you (and others)?


Ah yes, that sounds great. (Actually tried dragging the icon once, only to end up with an icon in a task name, instead of moving the task)

In today’s build ( we have moved the drag handle from the right side to the left. The icons for each item now function as the drag handles. This is something we have wanted to do for a long time ourselves!

Also, we have re-written how the drag function works. It is now much more reliable and easier to use. Enjoy!