Drag and Drop functionality?

Not sure what to say here.

I can’t think of a single reason why I would use a system that did not allow me to drag and drop my tasks for sorting or moving between lists. The app seems broken without this ability.

Yes, that is coming. It turned out to be pretty complicated to create, but it’s high on our list. Thanks for the feedback!

Are you considering showing contexts (or a selection of “main” contexts) in the left menu and allow drag and drop?

The reason I ask is I often use (in Doit) a simple and practical (some might say “dirty”) approach which involves ping-ponging tasks between contexts, which makes changing context quite a frequent operation for me. Drag and drop would indeed be handy.

Background details

I hate to write things if I do not have to, and I hate having hundreds of simple “micro-projects” (tasks with steps in them) pollute my list of “real” projects. Even if I have additional hierarchical levels and can hide “micro-projects” under some heading I am in many cases still reluctant (too lazy) to write down all the steps of all of these micro-projects, because I am confident that I know the steps by heart. So what I often do is I ping-pong a single-line task between contexts without checking it off. Example:

Say I need to agree delivery terms etc with a company and need to exchange a draft contract in the email until we are in agreement and can sign. Then I just write a task called “Finalize agreement” and give it a context of Device (computer). Then I know that this means I have to draft it and send it. When I have done that I do not check it off, but just change it to Waiting. Then I know I am waiting for their response, where they may have suggested any kinds of amendments to the text. When I receive the response I put the task back in the Device context. Then I know I must read their response (counterproposal or whatever) and respond. If, when i read it, I am totally baffled by their response and don’t know whether to laugh or cry, or whether to even respond, I move it to the context of Reflection. Then I know I must think about whether I can see a way to move this forward. If I find a constructive way to respond to them I will put it back in the Device context (to draft and answer by email), or in the Person context if I decide to talk to them in person or on the phone.

Another example: Say I suddenly realize my kids will need dinner, but I have no idea whether I should cook or if my wife will do it or if I should ask them to go and get a pizza, and I don’t even have time to think about it right now, but I know I do need to solve this, then I put down a task called “Dinner” in the context of Reflection. When later I have the time (and calm) to reflect upon this (and perhaps other things, too) and have perhaps decided to cook the meal myself I may move it to the context of Out if I will need to buy groceries, or to the context of Base if I reckon we have all we need.

My complete list of contexts (main contexts) is:

Person - requires real-time interaction with a person (call, grab etc)
Out - requires me to be away from my home or office
Reflection - requires me to have a calm and clear state of mind (no stress or confusion)
Base - requires me to be at home/office (perhaps special files, tools, screen/software etc)
Device - requires nothing special at all (just any computer/smartphone + wallet, clothes etc)

(and Waiting - a separate list - requires someone else to do/finish it without my help or presence)

I like it like this. A half-a-dozen “main” contexts does not pollute my left menu; it is neat and clean; and drag-and-drop is so simple. But I realize it is not just a question of being able to drag and drop. The whole thing hinges on the mechanisms for defining (and applying/removing) contexts (main contexts), but this is nothing that cannot be solved.

We haven’t spec’ed anything out on this yet. One idea I’ve seen done before is to have a favorites area - where you could drag a tag or a project or even a specific task for quick access. This could solve that problem. Thanks for the suggestions!

I would also like to place a vote on contexts (hierarchically sorted of course ;)) in the left hand menu so that drag and drop would be possible, as Folke suggested.

I will be honest and admit that I don’t use context in any way like Folke does but I am a big fan of drag and drop. @Folke it seems you are using context as lists which is different to say the least.