Details pane is not updating

When viewing a list in the Actions and Lists sections, the Details pane is now always showing the information for the top task in the list–it doesn’t update when you click on another task in the list. I’m using Safari on macOS 10.13.4

I also tested it in Chrome, and the same problem exists there.

HI Jay - we did an update on Friday and when we do that sometimes you may need to hit CTRL+F5 a few times to make sure you have the newest code. Can you you give that a try (or the mac equivalent of clearing your cashe) and let me know if it working for you again? Thanks!

I had the same problem and just cleared my cache as you suggested and nothing changed. The problem is still there.

And now it is working. Thanks!

Sorry, I jumped the gun there. It works in the projects and actions sections but not the focus section.

Nor the Today section.

HI all - Please hit CTRL+F5 if you see this happen. We did an update on Friday, so the old code may be a bit stuck.

This happened to me, I wasn’t seeing the details pane update as I moved from item to item in the today screen. But after I hit CTRL+F5 a few times it fixed itself.

Please try this and confirm back here if you are still having issues.


Still not working for me (Today and Next Actions sections). Tried CTRL+F5 numerous times.

Does this happen all the time? Or just occasionally? If occasionally is there any steps you’ve noticed to get the app into this condition?

Also, if you don’t mind, can you try on a different computer you haven’t used before? Also, can you try in private mode on your browser. Thanks for help tracking this down!

James – Happens all the time beginning the past Monday morning when I logged in. Tried in private mode, still not working. I don’t have another computer, this is my only one. Am using latest version of Chrome. Thanks for looking into.

Okay, thanks, we are looking into it. So far I’ve heard today view and next action view. Is this affecting any other view for people? projects, focus, waiting, etc?

Should be fixed now.
Please refresh the page with Ctrl+F5.

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Yes, this is working now for me. Thanks!

Working now. Thanks for the quick response!

Excellent. Thanks for the confirmation.