Daily scheduled tasks did not spawn actions overnight

I have some daily tasks that have been running fine for months that did not spawn any actions overnight last night. I’ve never had this problem before. Has anyone else experienced this today?

Hmm, not sure Bill. I didn’t see that myself. But will look into the issue. Please let us know what you see tomorrow as well.

Hi Guys,

I confirm this. Today in the morning I did not find my recurring routine tasks. :frowning:

I rely on these daily reminders. Please fix this…

Thank you,

Yes, this has happened to me as well this morning. My daily tasks did not spawn to the Today list.

Me too…:disappointed:

Hi all;

Sorry for the inconvenience. @Sergio has been working on fixing a couple of Today view issues, like the badge count numbers being off. I think this is possibly the side result of that work. I will sync with him and provide an update today.

Just to confirm. It does look like scheduled actions did not spawn last night. We are working on a fix.

cc: @sergio

As a temporary solution, I have removed all repeats and recreated them. The tasks were regenerated.

This is fixed now. Please refresh your browser. Scheduled items should be generating active items again. Please let me know if you see any issues. I don’t think items that were scheduled to go live in the past will spawn, but please check, as they may.