Copying a project or task

I have been noodling around with GTDNext and I really like it - however, there is a dealbreaker for me - How can you make a direct copy of a folder or task? Is it possible? My job requires MANY cloned tasks, and I can’t possibly use a task manager without this feature.

HI Tangwystel - Today, no. We do not have that feature. We are planning on adding a Copy/Paste feature that would work at any level of the outline. This would allow you to take a complete project and add it to a template folder elsewhere in your outline. However, this has not come to the top of our list yet.

+1. This is also high on my priority list.

I too would like to see this. Until then I have a work around using task clone, though not ideal it helps in reducing the typing involved. I have notes, mainly checklists with check boxes, created in evernote. I duplicate the note and tag it with my trigger tag “GTDNext”. Once they’re in GTDNext I delete the duplicate note. The downside is there isn’t a way to set the project. Jame’s it would be great if we could set a project name (@projectname) in the subject and skip the inbox altogether.