Copy Project Outline

I want to be able to copy my project outlines to MSword document. I cannot find a simple way to do this. Is there a method that I can use?

Hi Jim;

Not yet. This is on our list, but we haven’t implemented it yet. We will first work on cut/copy and paste of items within the outline. That will lead to the feature of being able to export the outline.

Jim - This is available now via the export feature. You can export one item, a project, or all your whole account. Just click the export button in a project or task or from the “cog” menu item at the top right and then copy and paste.

Not sure understand I completely how this works. When I click Export, then copy and paste all the tasks get copied into one task. The I need to split all the taks manually. Is this correct?

This isn’t a copy and paste feature. (That’s still coming) This is to export project information. Say for a report or an email or for backup purposes. Thanks!

Thanks. Ability to copy a project or a part of it would be great. I use it a lot in Todoist.

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Me, too. I typically have two similar needs for copy/paste of tasks:

  1. set up a template for some project I do regularly, e.g. getting ready for our monthly house concerts, packing for a trip, etc.
  2. setting up a bunch of similar task sets like for something I have at work where I have to do the same sequence of tasks for each of a number of programs.