Contexts - how to add them quickly ? (plus suggestion)


  1. Newbie Question: Is there a quick way to add Context tags to a task?
    i.e. Ideally to add a Context without using the mouse at all?
    (The equivalent in MLO is to select a task, then hit Alt/2 twice - which takes focus to the Context field - and just start typing…)

  2. If not then I suggest:

a) Some sort of hotkey to take the user to the Contexts field

b) For lover of the mouse (not me!) how’s about you select your task and then hit a modifier key (such as Shift or Control or Alt) and then click the name of the Context that you are interested in. Pretty cunning, ey? That would be a serious time-saver, no?
For perfection, for the benefit of new users, you could have a quickly dissolving message saying “Contect [XXX] added to Task”

  • Any views?