Collapse Project levels


New user to the apps and really liking it, seems to offer a solution to my multiple small projects and what to do dilemma for which I have been searching for far too long :smiley:

I’m looking at Projects and sub projects, not wanting to over complicate things but nature of my work lends itself towards them. As an example I’ll have an application and sub projects under them possibly to two levels.

I like the expand / collapse button, generally works but is it possible to do this more granularly please, to expand and collapse to detail level?

This would give give a view of projects and sub projects?



Hi @Rob_Griff - Thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea and will add it to our suggestion list. Would be nice to have a quick way to see all projects w/sub-projects.

We do have a feature that you may find helpful that allows you to “zoom” into any project or sub-project. While you are in the P&A view you can CTRL+Click on any item and the view will be zoomed into just show that project. If you haven’t found that trick yet, you might find that to be a handy way to review your projects and sub-projects.

Thanks for the positive comments!