Changes are not correctly saved

I experience the following problem:

Here is what i am doing:
When a Waiting task reaches it’s due date, it is automatically set on Active, Focus and Force Next: that is fine!
Now i realize that the task has to wait another week, so i

  • uncheck Focus
  • uncheck Force Next
  • seet new Due date
  • switch from Active to Waiting

Here is the problem:
When i reload the app, only some of these changes have been changed.
Worst case i have to manipulate the task 4 times with reloading inbetween in order to get the task to the desired end state.

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That is NOT fine if you ask me. A Waiting-for task is for someone else to do. Their having a deadline for doing it definitely does not make it mine to do. It is still a waiting-for task. (I like to see it auto-focused on the due date, for my attention, but not changed from Waiting to Next.)

Besides, there is no action list called “Active” in GTD. It should be called Next.

@Folke: While this would be an interesting discussion on itself, it is not the problem i would like to have adressed.


You are totally right. I apologize for hijacking your thread :wink:

I should have reopened one of the old threads for this other very annoying problem with their terminology and interpretation of Waiting for.

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Hi @Camelorn

The issue should be fixed now, in v. Please, refresh the browser with ctrl+F5 to clear the caches before trying again.

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Hi @sergio,

seems to work fine now, i will keep an eye on it.
That’s some awesomely quick support, thanks a ton!

Thanks Folke and Camelorn - This gives me a good opportunity to remind everyone of the forum rules. It’s mostly common sense. No hijacking, keep things positive, be agreeable even during disagreement.
Please see the FAQ for any questions. It covers this situation and many others. Thanks everyone!

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Cough… @James, now you have hijacked my topic for you anti-jijacking agenda… cough… :wink:

@Folke & @James: No offense taken at all, really!

Somehow I knew I was going to get that comment. :slight_smile:

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