Can't open in Firefox on Android

Whenever I login using Firefox on Android (tried with two different devices) I get to the main page successfully. But there is a “Loading…”-overlay with an eternal progressbar. Thus I can’t do any work in GTDNext. Anything I can do to resolve this error or is it on your side?

I tried to attach a screenshot but wasn’t allowed :slight_smile:

Can you make sure you aren’t trying to load into a browser where privacy mode is turned on? I know that doesn’t work on IOS so that may be the issue on Android as well. Can you give that a try and report back?

Thanks for your reply. I tried again, making sure private mode was off, and the problem is there. I also tried using Chrome on my Android and got the same problem.

Interesting. Sergio has tested on Android and it works for him. What version of android are you using? Also, how many items do you have in your GTDNext account. We’ve tested to a fairly high number, but good to make sure that’s not the issue.

This is strange. I’ve had this issue for the last few days (haven’t tried before that) and now I tried again:

Phone started working (both FF and Chrome) but tablet still has the problem.

Both are Xperia devices (Z3c and Z2 tablet), Android 5.1.1. Software is updated to latest on Play.

I only have a handful of tasks since I just started experimenting with GTDNext.

I wonder if this is something related to my account, rather than my browser. Just now when I logged in using FF on my laptop (Win 7) I had the same behaviour. Ctrl + F5 did not help so I closed the tab and opened in a new tab, then I could work as normal.

This is still happening from time to time. Latest in FF on Win7 just now. Closing the tab and open again helped.

HI Gnopps - Checking back on this. Is this still happening? Can you try running your browser without any plug-ins running and see if the problem still occurs?

Well the problem is that this problem isn’t consistent. Sometimes it happens and on a reload it is ok, sometimes reload doesn’t help. It has happened on both android and win7, both Firefox and chrome. However it isn’t as often now. I’ll post here next time.

I haven’t tried on Android in a while as I had some trouble working with the interface.

But this “Loading”-problem still occurs on my desktop. It seems to be especially the first time I open the browser after turning on the computer.

It is just a minor inconvenience though, as the all works as normal when I open a gtdnext in a new tab or reload.