Can't connect to

Since the evening of 11 September, I’ve been getting the following error when I try to connect:

“Internal server error
We are sorry but the server error has just happened while processing your data.
Please, reload the page to avoid data loss. reload page
We’ve saved the error’s details and will fix it as soon as possible.
If the error repeats constantly please contact support for the assistance.”

Reloading hasn’t helped and I’ve restarted my laptop to no effect.


Pat Macken

Hi Pat;

Sorry for the troubles. Let’s confirm if this is isolated to one computer, if possible. Can you try logging in from another computer or your phone?

Also, on the affected computer, can you try hitting CTRL+F5 a few times while you are on Then try logging in?

Let me know the results of those steps. thx!

Hi James,
Tried again this afternoon after seeing your message and CTRL+F5 worked. To make sure, I signed out and back in again. No problems. Out of curiosity, what does CTRL+F5 do?



Glad it worked. CTRL+F5 forces a refresh of your cache. So if we see things are fixed on our side and they aren’t responding that way on your side, we often suggest you refresh your cache to make sure you are seeing the newest code.