Can I rank the order of list items by reverse date?


Love the program! I am feeling much more effective since I began it in earnest this weekend. Granted, we are in the honeymoon period.

I am wondering if we can reverse the items so that they are listed with the oldest at the top rather than the newest (most recently entered) at the top. This would help me to focus on the older items first with the goal of getting them done sooner.



Hi, thanks and welcome aboard Joe!

Currently we don’t offer sorting in any of the views Although, we will likely offer several different ways to sort and group the next action list in the future.

Right now you can drag and drop items in the Project and Actions view anywhere you want, but you can’t change the default behavior of newest coming in on top.

Personally, I make sure to review my items in my mini daily and more extensive weekly reviews to look for old items, but I certainly see what you are thinking and we will keep in mind. Thanks!