Can I export my data?

Just started playing around with GTDnext and as a workflowy user, I really like the interface. Very logical and easy to use.

Quick question - can I export my data? Format isn’t important - a text export would be fine.

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Excellent, that is great to hear! We love workflowy (and other outline apps) as well and think outline views lend themselves very well for task management.

Not yet - it is a popular request and is on our backlog list. We will get to it, but right now focusing on some of the other core features we know we need.

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James - thanks - I understand.

I think this is feature is needed. Why? Because there isn’t any pricing feature. What if the price is way out of my range? I don’t want to invest the time to learn the system only to find out I can’t afford it.

Well, good news then! In one of our recent builds the ability to export each of your projects was introduced. Now in today’s build we now offer the ability to export the entire outline. Just click the “cog” on the top right of your screen and choose “export all”.

Premium is available now! Just click on the “cog” in the top right of your screen, click account and walk through upgrade process. See this blog post.