Blind Copy Email to GTDNext Doesn't Work

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. When I forward emails from Outlook to GTDNext, it works fine. However, often, when I am creating or responding to an email, I will BCC it to GTDNext so I may reference under the specific project it relates to. However, when I BCC, the email never makes it to GTDNext. I always end up having to go back to my sent items and forward them.

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I remember Nirvana had that exact same problem, and had difficulties figuring out why it did not work, but managed in the end. RTM and Toodledo I think never had any such problems. They managed to accept bcc addressed emails straight away.

It seems as if there are at least a couple of different ways to implement email reception, and some of them do not work with bcc - unfortunately I don’t know anything at all about this. I hope James and Sergio can solve it.

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Yes I can confirm that this is they way it is designed. At least for now that is how the feature works. With the mail provider we use it is a very complicated/time consuming dev task to add BCC support. So this will likely not be available for some time. I agree it would be very handy. I know I’d use it as well!