Basic account type

I’m currently using a basic account type and according to the documentation it has a limit of only 200 actions/projects. I have now run onto this limit since it looks like the limit of 200 is including all the completed items. To me this makes the basic account type useless. Deleting completed items is not possible and by doing that you would loose all your history anyway.

I currently don’t want to spent another $29,- since have a running paid account with Todoist (11 months) and (8 months) which both have a good working mobile app.

I really like GTDNext but I’m not sure of I want to continue now.

Best regards,


We tried to allow in our free plan a way for people to use the app as long as they want. While at the same time giving incentive to someday upgrade. Most of the task apps out there limit you in the number of projects you can create, or total tasks or total days you can try the app or some other limitation that truly prevents you from using the app at a basic level.

We didn’t want to do that. In our case we determined that deleting completed items was probably the least intrusive/ best way to allow people to continue to use the app. Of course upgrading gives extra things like getting to keep your completed items for historical purposes. In our view, people who want to do that are probably a bit more serious about the app and would likely be willing to upgrade.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s a difficult balance for sure. Hoping we get to keep you as customer.

I have signed up for premium with monthly payment. Depending on the developments I will eventually sign up for the yearly payment. I think GTDNext very promising and is going in the right direction of a very good GTD app.I don’t want t miss that.

Appreciate the faith you have in us Pascal - we will try to live up to the praise. Believe me, we all want the same thing. To be the best GTD app on the market! Thanks again.