AUTO mode doesn't work as documented

This is the document of the AUTO mode option of an item:

AUTO - the item acts a an action if it doesn't have sub-items and as a project if it does.

However this behavior isn’t implemented correctly.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an item name Test Project
  2. Create an item name Action 1 as sub-item of Test Project (Test project changed its type from action to project).
  3. Mark Action 1 item as done

Actual result

Test project item is still a project.

Expected result

Test project automatically changes its type to action.

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We consider AUTO to be working as intended.
The Test Project is still a project because it still has actions beneath it. The actions status have changed to complete. But they are still actions. You can see them by turning on completed items.

Is there something you were trying to accomplish that the current functionality does not provide?


I often add an item as an action and when doing it, split it into multiple actions (so it becomes a project). I open Next Actions page and works on every action one by one until nothing left, and forget about the project because it doesn’t show up in Next Actions.

Maybe we should show projects with no active action in Next Actions?

Maybe we should show projects with no active action in Next Actions?

This is an excellent idea.

Is there an easy way to show empty projects? That would be valuable - it wouldn’t necessarily need to be in Next Actions, but it could be.

Did this actually get resolved? I’m trying to figure out a solution…

  • Project
    • Task 1
    • Task 2
      • Task 3

Task 3 and Task 1 both show up on Next Actions. Cool, it works. But when I complete Task 3, I expect Task 2 will then show up on Next Actions, but it doesn’t. I have to manually Archive Task 3 before Task 2 goes back to being a task.

Is there something I’m missing?