Are GTDNext and connected?

Hi, I have been using GTDNext for a couple of years, and have never found anything better. Recently I saw, and I downloaded the mobile app. Could you please tell me if GTDNext and TaskScale are somehow “connected”? My GTDNext premium membership is up for renewal, and I need some advice. Thank you.


Yes, is the new reworked version of GTDNext.
It is in an Open Beta stage right now and it will be released soon. All the users of GTDNext will get the notification.

You can import all your data as well as premium account status to the from GTDNext.

After the launch of we will keep GTDNext afloat for a while, but it will not get any updates and we will have to shut it down some day :frowning:

Please feel free to try and leave a feedback on a new forum.

Thank you for being with us for so long, and I really hope will become your next tool of choice!

Best Regards,

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Thanks so much Sergio. I am still using GTDNext, and testing TaskScale as well. George