Archiving is not a Log?!

One of the reasons I have subscribed for premium was to be able to see the completed tasks in the archive option. Which I supposed to be sorted by date as any many other tasks app (logging function), so you can see back in time when you have completed the tasks. For my surprise this is not working on GTDNext. Am I missing something? Is this something that will be implemented in the near future. For me this is critical…


Hi Fernando;

The archive feature allows you to see tasks that you have archived, it does not show all completed tasks.

It works as follows:

  • Once you complete a project or task it will have the archive button
    available in the action details pane.
  • Pressing the archive button will make the task disappear from the
    main Projects and Actions view. It will now only be available in the
    Archive. You can restore it from the archive or delete it.
  • You can also move items in bulk to the archive based on completion
    date. You do this from the archive page.

The archive does not show all completed tasks, just the tasks you archive.

So if you wanted to view a list of all completed tasks for the month you could make a habit (or schedule a recurring task) to archive all you old tasks every 30 days. Then by turning on the completed task view you will see all completed tasks for the last month. You would then archive those tasks and the next month you would have a clean view of just the tasks you completed during the past month.

I hope this answers your question. Let us know if there is enhancements you would like to see with this feature and we can certainly consider them.


Hi James,

Thank you for the answer and the workaround, but I was talking about a history or logbook of the completed tasks sorted by date. With that, one could look back in time and know when some task or project was completed. Pretty useful if you have a project time sheet to fill in by the end of the week and would like to see when and where you have spend your time. Again this is a common feature in every task app on the market. Hopefully I will see the same on GTD Next in a near future.


While we archive every project, I agree that a timeline view would be helpful. I’ve added that to our list of idea to look at for the future. thanks!

Can you give me some examples of where this is common? I’d love to take a look at some ideas on how to implement this, but don’t see it in any of the task managers I’m familiar with. Asana, Nirvana, doit, zendone, etc. Maybe I just don’t know where to look. Thanks!