Application Down?! (resolved)

Getting the following message. Not sure if it’s on my end or yours?

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This is SO pity:(

Today, after a year, i gave GTDNext a new try… and the server goes down right after migrate all my tasks from Omnifocus.

Is it a usual behavior now?

I actually get 502 Bad Gateway.

I’m getting the same. GTDNext is so good, but it may still be too early to rely on it as my main GTD application. I realize how lost I end up when I can’t get to it.

I just migrated over as well, but without a solid offline option to lean on, I may have to switch to something else unfortunately. And it’s too bad, because this is my favorite app by far, even with it’s few limitations.

Yes, this is the second time for the server being down. I am finding this disturbing to say the least.

Hey guys - You probably saw the other thread, but we are back up. If not, here is the link to what happened. Server is down (resolved) - #5 by James