App : slow while typing, selecting, dragging, etc in Chrome, Firefox, Opera

The App is slow since a weeks…
It began with cursor not changing and button not responding in Chrome.
I switched to Firefox. It was fine until last week.
Refresh after selecting an area became slow.
Developing folders became slow
Typing became slow
Got back to Chrome : same thing
Tried it on Opera : Not better
Try on my smartphone : Android / Roboform app / No slugginesh, but didn’t enjoyed the features I like with GTDNext.
I’ve read similar topic and try the following suggestions :

  • Clear History and Cache in Chrome, Firefox and Opera
  • Ctrl-F5 often
  • Logged through the main login page instead of using a bookmark.

It’s still slow. I have 1446 items. Number of items showed on screen don’t matter. It’s the same problem whether there is 4 item of 20.

GTDnext is not the first GTD app i tried, not even the first I paid for. But it’s the most user friendly and the fastest one the add and managed task, project and priority the way it is intend by the method that I could find.
At least, before it became slow on my side.


Problem solved. I restarted the laptop and everything is now working fine in Chrome.